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Free Oculus VR Demo released

After weeks of trialling, we are delighted to announce that a Virtual Reality Oculus Rift demo of Forking Hell is available to download for free from our supported indie development stores from this evening.

We originally announced back in our July release that we had planned to bring out a Virtual Reality experience to give players another way to get involved in the game, and we are now finally able to bring this to our fans. Our free download lets you experience our opening tutorial and first level to introduce our plans and idea, with bugs and suggestions always welcomed!

You can download the game from GameJolt and now! Our free demo now means we can make adjustments based on feedback, and start to filter the VR into our official Steam releases in 2021.

Exciting times ahead!

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VTCs wanted upcoming for Forking Hell Multiplayer feature

Forking Hell are looking for a range of virtual trucking companies or virtual logistics teams who are looking to spread the word of their company and get involved in a new simulation title.
Forking Hell is a casual arcade-simulation game where the player guides a forklift vehicle around a virtual warehouse and completing customer orders over the working days. Our development team are currently working behind-the-scenes to get going on an open-world multiplayer game mode allowing individuals to play with friends and deliver cargo and packages together.
We are looking for VTCs who would like to represent a virtual warehouse within our multiplayer server, which would act as locations for players to visit and work around, either loading trucks or delivering cargo between locations. Their logo and company name would be utilised throughout aspects of the multiplayer server, so your approval would be required to use your virtual company information.

Applications open through this form, or contacting our team on our social media pages: Application form

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FH Update V1.11.2

-Removed floating 'Amazing' in level A3.
-Added audio when colliding with road barriers/bollards in level A2,A3, and AI box collection spawn edges.
-Removed white box next to truck in level A3.
-Removed specular highlights and reflections from navigation tablet to improve visibility.
-Added collisions to refrigerator scene objects.
-Fixes on Level C3 and D2 where a crash sound randomly plays on start

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FH Update V1.11.1 (1 July 2020, 2200BST)

Some minor fixes have been pushed to the game to fix early issues noted during the release day.

-Fixed Frying Pan box size on Level A2
-Added audio when colliding with walls in level selection screen
-Applied physics to back

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