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FH Update V1.16.1 Patch Update

Welcome to our 1.16.1 minor patch update, which includes a range of fixes in some Arcade levels and the online Multiplayer servers. Thanks to our fantastic community for noting the bugs and the ongoing support! Please continue to report bugs or provide suggestions (via the Options Menu) or through our Discord server.

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Free Oculus VR Demo released

After weeks of trialling, we have finally released an Oculus Rift focused demo version of Forking Hell! Forking Hell's VR Demo exclusively available to Oculus Rift S devices brings the arcade-sim to life, giving players the chance to play the first level from the full Steam game. Visit our GameJolt and indie stores to download the demo for FREE!

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FH Update V1.11.2

-Removed floating 'Amazing' in level A3.
-Added audio when colliding with road barriers/bollards in level A2,A3, and AI box collection spawn edges.
-Removed white box next to truck in level A3.
-Removed specular highlights and reflections from navigation tablet to improve visibility.
-Added collisions to refrigerator scene objects.
-Fixes on Level C3 and D2 where a crash sound randomly plays on start

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FH Update V1.11.1 (1 July 2020, 2200BST)

Some minor fixes have been pushed to the game to fix early issues noted during the release day.

-Fixed Frying Pan box size on Level A2
-Added audio when colliding with walls in level selection screen
-Applied physics to back

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