About Forking Hell

Forking Hell started as a university project by ARU student Louis Byers in January 2020 as part of a final year module and has grown into a full Steam PC game with Twitch integration, a partnership with Simulator Radio, and Oculus VR compatibility.

Company Background ImageAmazing Logistics

Amazing is the futuristic e-commerce service based in Cambridge that provides a range of household goods, foods, hazardous materials, furniture and more!

Internet Radios

We have partnered up with various amazing communities to provide their live internet radios for you to listen to on the move!

Earn your forklift licence and work in our company

Three simple tasks: Drive around the warehouse, avoid the chaotic robots, don't drop the packages. Sounds simple, right?

Work flexible hours: Complete the minimum target for each day and finish work early, or work for the full day to improve your paycheck.

Extra minigames: Forking Hell includes additional levels and casual modes to keep players entertained, including a Twitch-integrated minigame and forklift racing!

Our Team Members

Louis Byers Head developer/programmer
Adam Pattrick Audio Engineer