Welcome to my homepage, demonstrating a collection of my development work I have produced throughout my educational and professional career involved as a computer games programmer, and my additional part-time roles within the esports scene as a streamer and games commentator.

My most-recognised product is Forking Hell (2020), a Steam distributed arcade-simulator PC game where the player takes the role of a forklift driver completing orders in a chaotic physics and time based logistics warehouse.

Prior to this, I released two mobile games on the Android-based Google Play Store, infinite runner Supreme Sprinter (2019-2020) and Beat The Drop (2020). These were both originally products initially produced as part of my three-year Computer Games Technology undergraduate degree in Cambridge, England.

I also used the Oculus API in 2020 to build Ten Pin Extreme, a small ten-pin bowling virtual-reality experience for the Oculus Rift S headset.


Coding And Development

  • Experience with Unity and Unreal game engines.
  • C#, UE4 Blueprints, GoogleScript/JS.
  • Self-published my own games to Steam (PC) and the Google Play Store (Android).
  • Experience with Steam and Oculus APIs.
  • Modelling with Autodesk Maya.
  • Basic knowledge of C++, Python, HTML and CSS languages.

Software and Personal Skills

  • Good understanding of Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Excel, Access)
  • Experienced with Google Drive apps (Sheets, Docs, Slides).
  • Previously used Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign, DreamWeaver).
  • Good organisation and time management skills.
  • Strong understanding of Windows OS.

Forking Hell

Released:01 July 2020
Platform:PC (Steam,
Role:Solo Developer
More: Official Homepage
Steam (demo)
GameJolt (demo)

As part of a final year portfolio module at university, I was given the opportunity to develop a polished and high quality game of my choice. Becoming my most successful individual product, Forking Hell is a casual arcade-simulation game where the player guides a forklift vehicle around a virtual warehouse and completing customer orders over the working days.

Demos were released onto and GameJolt in spring 2020. A full version was self-published and distributed onto Steam officially on July 1st, 2020.

Supreme Sprinter

Released:14 February 2020
Platform:Android (Play Store)
Role:Solo Developer and Audio Developer (external models and textures retrieved)
More: Google Play Store

As part of a first year university project in spring 2018, I built endless runner Supreme Sprinter. The game allows the player to take control of a sports ball and make it as far as possible while avoiding various obstacles. Originally built as a PC Windows application, the game was refreshed with new graphics and art packages and released to the mobile marketplace, two years later. The game was built during my undergraduate degree, and helped me study and learn procedural generation.

Beat The Drop

Released:28 June 2020
Platform:Android (Play Store)
Role:Solo Developer (external music and art retrieved)
More: Google Play Store

I got a chance to produce a second mobile game through my university course in 2020 in the hypercasual puzzle title Beat The Drop. The player has to progress around a grid of floor tiles which get destroyed, one by one after moving away from that tile. Swipe your way around the board and clear all of the tiles in any order without getting trapped or dying.

10Pin Extreme

Released:28 June 2020
Platform:Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift S)
Role:Solo Developer (external music and some models retrieved)

A final year university project gave me the opportunity to use Virtual Reality to develop a simulation based bowling demo. The product was developed for the Oculus Quest VR headset for university, but released for the Oculus Rift VR headsets to run on Windows devices. It uses 360 degree standing motion to simulate the effects of a ten pin bowling game.

Galaxy Game

Released:11 August 2019
Role:Solo Developer (external art and sound effects)

In my second year of university, I was asked to build a game utilising object-oriented programming principles. Galaxy Game takes inspiration from Namco's Galaxian (1979) arcade shooter by getting the player to beat waves of alien spaceships, with OOP methods used for health and enemy spawning systems.

My work

Games Development roles

Project Release Platforms Role
Forking Hell2020PC (Steam, project
Beat The Drop2020Android (Google Play)Solo educational project
10 Pin Extreme - VR demo [education project]2020Oculus Rift VR ( educational project
Supreme Sprinter2019-20Android (Google Play)Solo educational project
Galaxy [education project]2019WebGL ( educational project
PC Building Simulator 22022Epic Games StoreDeveloper @ Spiral House


Collection of major productions of events I have been involved in

Offline events:

  • epic.LAN 29, Kettering Conference Center, Kettering, Feb 2020
  • Grosvenor Season 3 Finals, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, Dec 2019
  • Grosvenor Season 3 Coventry Qualifiers, Ricoh Arena Coventry, Nov 2019
  • epic.LAN 28, Kettering Conference Center, Kettering, Oct 2019
  • Scottish Esports League S2 Finals, SEC Center, Glasgow, Aug 2019
  • epic.LAN 27, Kettering Conference Center, Kettering, Jun 2019
  • NEL Baltic Esports League S2 Finals, Kaunas, Apr 2018

Online/remote work:

  • ESL Premiership Autumn 2021, Aug-Sep 2021
  • Baltic Masters Season 4, Feb-Mar 2020
  • WESG 2019 North Europe Qualifiers, Nov-Dec 2019
  • Baltic Masters Season 3, Nov 2019
  • Nordic Esports League S1 Final, Aug 2019
  • Games Clash Masters 2019 MEETPOINT, May 2019
  • Polska Liga Esportowa S4 Finals, Dec 2018



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